Thursday, October 11, 2007

Send a Postcard to Governor Palin

Improve UA’s Budget: Send a Postcard to Governor Palin

With oil prices still high and a proposed increase in oil taxes that could add as much as $700 million in state revenue, now is the time to seek a funding increase for the University. Any increase to the budget begins with the Governor. The Governor’s budget proposal sets the parameters on what the University can ultimately expect to receive from the legislature. Experience has shown that if a budget item is not in the Governor’s operating budget, it is unlikely that it will be funded.

Help Governor Palin become a friend of the University

Governor Palin ran on a campaign pledge to increase spending for K-12 education. The time has come to help her understand the importance of increasing the university’s budget as well. Now is the time to explain why adequate funding is needed for UA to respond to the needs of Alaska and how the University can affect the economic development of the state.

There is a strong case for increased University funding

• UA has experienced unprecedented enrollment growth and record graduation rates.
• The Alaska Scholars program is attracting the top high school graduates.
• UA is expanding its programs in nursing, engineering, psychology, and social work to meet the state’s needs.
• In spite of our recent successes, there are serious shortfalls and unmet needs at UA including the need for more full-time faculty, improved facilities, and additional buildings to improve programs.

Here’s how you can help UA

This is the time to urge Governor Palin to include in her budget request additional funding for the University. The UAA Faculty and Staff Association is coordinating a campaign to contact the Governor’s Office with postcards in support of an increase in the University budget. We've been invited to join in. If you wish to participate, please send an email with your mailing address to Steve Rollins at . They will send you a stamped postcard addressed to the Governor. They will also provide suggestions about the current issues. Please join in this important effort.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Recap from Sept. Board of Regents meeting

A two page Recap of the September Board of Regents meeting is available online at:

Check out the online recap for information about the tuition hike, as well as the new BA in art, vet tech & high latitude range management certificates that were approved. The blurb about the Vet Tech program and the high latitude range management certificates are of special interest for UAF and our rural campuses.

Check it out.