Sunday, September 16, 2007

Staff Governance Asked, HR Responded! - 3 month online courses & resources trial

In response to staff governance requests, Statewide Human Resources has introduced a three-month online learning program pilot to enhance employee training and development. This three month pilot online learning program is available AT NO COST to university employees.

The "SkillSoft" program offers thousands of online courses, books and job aids on topics including business and management skills, desktop skills (Microsoft Office—Word, Excel, Access, etc.), information technology and preparatory exams for certification. This pilot will assist the university in assessing if the course content satisfies your learning needs and if the “e-learning” delivery method works well for you.

Benefits of online courses include the accessibility to training material when needed as well as facilitating self-paced learning. The online courses are on the internet and can be downloaded to a PC and viewed offline, if desired. The online materials can be used to supplement traditional training methods and provide an opportunity for skill development as a stand-alone resource as well.

You may check out available courses by logging into the site from the Statewide HR Website The login requires the UA ID number or the UA user name and the MyUA portal/EDIR password (also known as AuthServ password). For UAF or UAA users, this may be different than the account you use to check email or sign into your computer. If you have never used this account or if you need to reset your password, follow the directions on the site to access a self-service application or ask for help from your local helpdesk or support center.

Check out these resources and provide feedback!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Provide input on the Vision Task Force 2017 recommendations

Preliminary UAF 2017 Vision Task Force findings are now ready for input from staff, faculty, alumni, students, and the public. What a great chance to provide staff feedback!

To view the preliminary findings report, to find out more about the Task Force, and to provide feedback, visit the URL below.

A bit of background on the Task Force:

2017 marks the University of Alaska Fairbanks 100th anniversary, and, in keeping with the historical significance of the 1955 Alaska Constitutional Convention and its 55 delegates, 55 Alaska and university leaders were assembled in March 2007 to participate as members of one of six working groups based on the 2010 strategic plan pathways:

*Teaching and Learning for Student Success
*Research and Scholarship
*Enrollment and Retention
*Community Engagement and Economic Development
*Advancement and Philanthropy
*Faculty and Staff Development

The Working Groups conducted face-to-face, video, web and teleconference discussions from March through June 2007 to develop each group's ideas and suggestions.

To view the preliminary findings report, to find out more about the Task Force, and to provide feedback, visit the URL below.

Submit a proposal for technology fee $$

Wondering where technology fees go?

You can help determine how the fees are spent by submitting a proposal to the UAF Technology Advisory Board.

Visit to submit a proposal. Faculty and staff deadline for submitting proposals is September 28, 2007.

The UAF student deadline for submitting proposals is October 5, 2007.